About Denehurst – profiles

Denehurst Chemical Safety was established in 2000 as an independent consulting organisation working for Industry, Government Agencies and NGOs.  Most work performed by Denehurst is advisory in the form of training, personal advice and writing.  However, in order to advise how to perform tasks in the most effective way, it is also necessary to ‘do’ the activities and to apply theory of regulations and guidance to real life. 

Denehurst was established during the start of REACH and was active with consultations on the original White Paper involved in some of the first ever REACH Inquiries and PPORDs. Denehurst also worked on the final evaluation and initial training on IUCLID 5 (which has gone through many iterations since the first versions).  The first REACH Registrations, and the CSRs that go with them were prepared in 2009 and was a good way for testing the systems.  Just over ten years later, some of the first GB REACH submissions were made by Denehurst. 

Denehurst has a strong ethical base in terms of business standards (supporting Christian Standards in business) and will work hard to prevent unnecessary animal testing through application of waivers, read across and other valid assessment methods.  We offer our time for free to support community projects including ecological surveys and other environmental concerns.

Mark Selby

Mark Selby has worked in the area of regulatory science for over 30 years, starting with a UK-based speciality chemical manufacturer at the time that the EINECS list was closing.  This background in industry provided a valuable insight into the problems facing manufacturing organisations with limited resources and tight schedules, but which needed to keep up with legislation.

Work surrounding chemical supply legislation and other regulatory testing led to contact with a multi-national Contract Research Organisation working mainly for the pharmaceutical industry and Mark was employed by them in 1989 to set up a consulting service to cover chemical supply legislation. Work also included providing advice to colleagues to ensure that regulatory testing for chemical supply was performed effectively and that laboratory staff had access to the correct equipment and test guidelines as well as minimising any animal testing.

At the time Denehurst was established, the ‘White Paper’ describing the future of European Chemical Regulations had just been published, heralding the birth of REACH.  Mark was closely involved in helping with some of the early guidance for REACH and involved in projects to provide technical training to new recruits at ECHA as well as helping test IUCLID software.

Mark has also been involved with the European Commission funded ‘Twinning’ projects helping new EU Member States with projects in Bulgaria, Albania and Poland and has also worked in Turkey and Asia as their REACH programs are established.

Gill Pagliuca 

Gill left Denehurst in March 2024 to take up an exciting role as a senior consultant at Ricardo. A big gap to fill, but we are doing our best.