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Denehurst can help with REACH chemical supply legislation through offering advice, taking action or providing training.  This includes work with new and existing substances, CoRAP and Registration quality issues.  

Denehurst is based in Ilkley, in the North of England

Some of the Guidance documents prepared by Denehurst are offered on this site and these give an indication of the type of area we work in.   However, more information can be provided on request.  We try to keep the documents updated on a regular basis


Although the scientific basis and data assessment requirements for the UK systems are aligned initially to the EU and GHS, there will be a need to duplicate many of the administration processes of REACH Registration and providing of labelling and SDS. 

Animal testing policy

Denehurst offers free support and advice to any organisation worried about animal testing proposed by co-registrants for REACH or implied by ECHA.

ECHA cannot legally demand animal tests and the REACH Regulation makes it clear that all possible attempts to avoid animal work must be made.  ECHA and UK HSE can quite rightly demand data quality improvements where there is a lack of evidence to support earlier non-animal test data (or re-across/grouping), but only if there is no scientifically valid alternative should animal work be considered.  It is important to remind ECHA of this sometimes.

Denehurst supports Christian Standards in Business     

Christian Standards in Business is a recognition of business ethics

Part of the standards upheld by Denehurst is with work in the community and to support charitable organisations and schools where possible.