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Denehurst Chemical Safety Ltd

Training and course work

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Training support

A key part of any consulting service is to help clients help themselves.  As part of this, Denehurst offers direct training support covering a wide range of chemical supply legislation and laboratory services.

Examples of  training courses provided by Mark Selby and Gill Pagliuca include:

These courses are typically one or two days and will include interactive practical assessment work. 

Other short lectures and presentations at meetings and conferences are regularly given.

Although Denehurst does not organise its own public events, those interested in taking part in such courses should e mail Denehurst for information when the next event is to be held.  CHCS and REACHReady respond to demand by providing more events if there is a need.  Likewise, contact Denehurst if any type of event not listed is needed - it may be possible to arrange


Denehurst is involved in developing and delivering a comprehensive training programme that was held at Hull University, UK, starting in 2007.  The full course involved 20 days of training with the opportunity to include practical industry training. 

Mark and Gill are trainers with the UK Chemical Hazards Communication Society (CHCS), covering various standard training modules in CLP, Basic Ecotoxicity, Advanced Ecotoxicity and advanced SDS Writing.  Details of courses offered by CHCS can be found on

In addition, Mark and Gill have conducted in-house training work for a number of multi-national organisations and competent authorities at their locations in the UK, Asia, North America and mainland Europe. 

Work in local schools is provided free of charge and the experience gained in schools, working with professional teachers, is invaluable when trying to control a group of badly behaved industry specialists.  Experience from IT training with 5 year olds helps when trying to explain IUCLID.

References can be provided on request.

Some of the Guidance documents provided at training events are reproduced on this web-site.

Hull University Post Graduate REACH training

Denehurst supports the training courses held at Hull University and the following text is taken from the web site http://www.etcic.com/content/view/5/5/ .  This can either be taken as a full course leading to a Post Graduate Certificate (including examinations and assignements) or can be taken as one week or even single day training courses.  Although this was run originally as a residential course, it is now available as a distance learning course in which Denehurst provides support for those taking part through e mail or telephone help.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Reach Management involves four modules plus an industrial placement and was prepared by leading experts in the various disciplines encompassed by the new legislation. 

  • Module 1 - REACH processes 
  • Module 2 - SIEF essentials - Testing and Data Analysis
  • Module 3 - Exposure and Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Module 4 - Legal Commercial and practical elementats of REACH