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Denehurst Chemical Safety Ltd

SIEF Training courses and course work

After pre-registration, REACH SIEF formation will allow industry to work together to share data and reduce costs - at least this is the theory, but to make this work in practice, those participating will need to understand the science of chemical safety and also be able to negotiate successfully. 

Denehurst Chemical Safety is offering training in SIEF membership and participation.  Mark Selby is also involved in training courses run by REACHReady and Hull University. The Hull course includes a week (5 days) of chemical, toxicology and environmental training and REACHReady offer a negotiation skills course.

SIEF Training
The training offered by Denehurst covers the application of technical and chemical knowledge into getting the best from the SIEF and helping the SIEF operate efficiently.  There is a potential for a lot of time to be wasted in SIEFs on unnecessary detail or on topics where agreement appears difficult.  By knowing the basics and concentrating on the desired outcome of mutual cost reduction, the whole process will become more efficient.

Training is generally offered as a full day event with up to 20 people present, and is a mix of presenting the necessary end points and outcomes for registration and practical participation in role-play scenarios.  These scenarios can be personalised to match the real-life situation likely to be encountered by people involved.

Location is not a problem - 2008 training work was undertaken in the US, South America, Asia and mainland Europe, as well as places closer to Yorkshire.  Even Lancashire.

For further information, contact Mark Selby info@denehurst.co.uk

For smaller organsiations with only one or two individuals involved in REACH, we will arrange 'open' events once there is sufficient interest.  Please contact Denehurst to register an interest and provoke new dates to be set.

April 2009

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