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Denehurst Chemical Safety Ltd

SIEF Management - coordination of SIEF and REACH Consortia

Denehurst is able to offer advice for the management of SIEFs to help coordinate activities of the SIEF or Consortium.  Good consortia management is essential to keep costs low and minimise the time wasted.

The main problems facing industry is to be able to trust and work with competitors, but it must be acceptedthat an efficient working practice is in the best interests of all parties.  With good management, the time requirements for those in the SIEF or consortia can be reduced.  Coupled with the technical support role also provided, the objective is to minimise the work in terms of meetings, administration and testing.

Even by late summer 2009, many SIEFs have not formed but further guidance is offered here.

Joint registration requirements - practical advice for those not taking the lead role
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SIEF guidance document
Setting up a SIEF - what happens next ?

Last updated September 2009

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