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Denehurst Chemical Safety Ltd

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Other organisations providing complimentary services

Chemsafety, New Zealand
Chemsafety was established in 1992 to provide chemical risk management consultancy services to government departments and industry throughout New Zealand. Chemsafety are able to offer local support in New Zealand.

JSC provide expert advice to the agrochemical and general chemical industry (under EU Directives related to plant protection products, biocides and REACH).  They have a dedicated team of highly motivated people, with backgrounds from Government, Industry and Contract Research. Their in-depth knowledge of GLP and study design ensures the necessary quality of data whilst their experience in the regulatory process guarantees timely submissions and appropriate post submission support. They pride themselves in producing high quality dossiers for EU submission for a wide range of product types and regulatory procedures.

Their integrated, cross discipline working practices enables them to provide novel and innovative approaches to problem solving which is supported by their excellent contacts with regulatory officials and scientific experts throughout the world. JSC actively participates in expert working groups, scientific meetings and task forces allowing them to keep at the forefront of regulatory opinion.

Laura H. Robinson, UK
Laura is a toxicologist specialising in occupational toxicology and able to support in workplace health and toxicology.  Work includes acting as expert witness to provide professional independent advice on matters involving potential toxicological health risks in the workplace.
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REACHWise provides your business with comprehensive guidance, help and implementation for dealing with the REACH (Registration Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) legislation.  REACH covers the dealing with and using of chemicals in a very broad sense their use in manufacturing, processing, their presence in imported goods and materials and in the selling of all goods.  Therefore good advice and guidance is essential to ensure compliance with this new area of law.

To ensure that REACH does not cause you a headache, we offer a range of services.  They could start with the impact of REACH on your company, whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, it does not matter.  REACHWise offers services for all the main stages of REACH such as input to consortia, supply chain management and submission of your registration. If you need to register and hold data that you need to share or want to sell, or alternatively you need to buy data, through consortia and Substance Information Exchange Forums, we will help you getting the best out of it.

We have been involved for many years with consortia type activities in various international industry schemes and have therefore expertise in handling information from different companies, an understanding of what working together means including any sensitivities involved, in all to progress joint working.

You can find more information on www.reachwise.eu which should help you further or otherwise contact us directly by mail or email – all just one click away.

TT Environmental, UK


Does your business need help with ever-increasing environmental regulation? TT Environmental can help you understand and meet your legal obligations.  For IPPC, we can provide advice on with whether you do come under the regulations, and help write essential documents including permit application, site report, emissions risk assessment and monitoring, and permit surrender.  If you want to improve your environmental performance and save money, we offer Resource Efficiency services including audits, improvement plans, project management for implementation etc, (often 100% grant funded). And for businesses or landowners who have sites with historic contamination, we compile Contaminated Landreports for sale/purchase/ planning applications; advise on remediation strategies; and provide estimates of likely remediation costs. Other consultancy services include COMAH, EMSs (ISO 14001/ BS 8555) and other environmental regulations/ standards. We can often give a quick opinion on an issue over the phone, so no matter how large or small your environmental issue is, call us on 01274 870306 to see if we can help.

Yorkshire Biomedical Consulants Association, UK
YBCA Consultants have extensive experience in new product development and in lifecycle management of existing health care products. Their global expertise and proven track records provide Industry-wide links to a global network of contacts in other specialisations. Their individual research talents combined with a no frills business approach ensure that your product development costs stay on time and on budget.