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Denehurst Chemical Safety Ltd


The term 'responsible care' is widely used in the chemical industry, but this should go beyond just adhering to regulations and ensuring safe handling and supply of chemicals.  Responsible care includes the whole ethos of the working environment.


It is believed that a good working relationship has to be built on trust and mutual respect.  This is reflected in the way a company responds to enquiries, keeps the client informed of progress or warns of potential problems ahead.  The simple statements for a  outlined in Christian Standards for Business provides a framework that Denehurst tries to follow.

In the chemical industry, there is also the ethical issue of Animal Testing; this is explained in more detail on another page [link], but Denehurst will work hard to avoid unnecessary testing through attempts to use existing data, reading across from other substances or by negotiation with regulatory agencies. 

Training and education

Education of future chemists starts in school and it is important to put the message across to young people that chemistry and indeed the whole industry is essential for our way of life.  Training offered by Denehurst includes work with Universities as scientists prepare to enter industry, but most training work is for those already in the industry – such training work is essential for the future of the industry.  The free Guidance documents provided by Denehurst are part of the commitment to help industry to help themselves; some are available on this web site.

Although training must include details of legislation and how to meet the legal requirements for chemical supply, training work by Denehurst concentrates on the importance of good working practice to ensure communication of risk and hazard to help protect workers, the general public and the environment.  If this objective is met, there is a good chance that you have also met the legal requirements - however, just ticking the boxes to meet regulations does not always result in adequate control and protection.


Denehurst is flexible in the way it works with its clients to best suit the needs of the individual.  Contracts are typically based on an hourly rate or fixed cost and can be in any major currency.  General advice, such as telephone calls, are not charged for and chargeable work is not undertaken without the agreement of the sponsor.  Denehurst does not normally charge for travelling time and chargeable expenses are not incurred without providing estimates.  Standard class public transport is used where possible.

Project statements are typically provided at the time of invoicing to ensure that costs are accounted for.


As part of the trust required for good working relationships, it is essential that confidentiality is retained at all times.  Denehurst will not divulge the identity of clients or their products unless required to for legal reasons; such a reason may be if it is known that animal testing is about to be repeated unless the client is told that data already exist.  Confidentiality agreements can be arranged if required.