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Denehurst Chemical Safety Ltd

Risk Assessment - CSR (CSA)

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Risk Assessment - the Chemical Safety Report 
Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA) and the reporting of findings in the Chemical Safety Report (CSR) is the main end point for data assessment under REACH in which hazard and exposure data are considered together to assess the risk of a substance.  Guidance is now available on the ECHA website and despite the many hundreds of pages, it is probably easier to follow than the last technical guidance document for new and existing substances in 1996.  The link for guidance and the template that can be used can be found on the following links (opens new web-page)
Guidance : http://guidance.echa.europa.eu/docs/guidance_document/information_requirements_en.htm?time=1268598823
Template : http://guidance.echa.europa.eu/formats_en.htm
Note that some of the guidance still given on the ECHA web-site has been replaced by updates that are still officially 'drafts'.  Most of these are indicated on the web-site, but keep checking for updates.  In many cases, updates give further clarity, but in some (eg Chapter r-12 on use descriptors) there are significant changes.

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